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Wrote my first song sitting on the floor of a barracks in 1951. Went to college on the GI Bill, majoring in Drama; figured Hollywood could use another great actor like Brando. Parked my Harley outside the Drama building during the day, and nights rode with the Eagles, "terrors of highway 101," about whom Lieber and Stoller based their Cheers hit Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots. Washed dishes in a girls' boardinghouse for meals.

Bought my first guitar in 1956; a Harmony Patrician, new and blonde, and a chord book. Senior year, 1958, co-wrote, directed, strummed guitar and sang in the annual school musical at San Jose State. After graduation taught high school English in Los Angeles and had my first paid musical gig at the Dragonwyck coffeehouse in Pasadena.

In 1962 recorded a 45 for MGM in New York City: The Biggest Ride Since Paul Revere, co-written by Fred Hellerman of the Weavers, and Norma Minkoff. We were the Neighbors and the song was about John Glenn's global orbit.

Married Victoria in 1963 and had a songwriting partner for the nine years we were together. The New Christy Minstrels and The Backporch Majority recorded three of our songs. We did an album in Nashville for Epic in 1968 and John Denver and The Irish Rovers covered three of the tunes. The Pattersons of Donegal and Danny Doyle of Dublin did five more, and a French band did one in their lingo. In the seventies in Chicago, Steve Goodman did Lovin' of the Game and Siegal-Schwall Blues Band did a song I wrote for Corky called Traitor From Decatur. In Austin, Texas, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Allen Damron, Steve Fromholz and Jerry Jeff Walker recorded Game and Jerry Jeff also recorded my Tryin' To Hold The Wind Up With A Sail. Judy Collins put Game on three of her albums.

CLUB JOBS: Including The Troubadour, Ice House, Golden Bear, Caffe Lena, Gerde's Folk City, Gaslight, Family Dog, Quiet Knight, Buddhi, Sword & Stone, Ark, Saxon Pub, Fado, O'Shaughnesseys's.
UNIVERSITY JOBS: Including Yale, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming, USC, Texas, Loyola, North & South Dakota.
EVENTS: Including Folk Festivals of Philadelphia, Sun Valley, Beers Family, Southwestern; The Woody Guthrie Memorial Folk Festival; The First Great Irish Fair ( Brooklyn ) ; Disneyland.

PRODUCT AVAILABLE: Six cassette tapes on my label, White Center Records: White, Green and Yellow with bands, Blue, Tan and Red solo with guitar and harmonica. Also a CD titled THE MOON IS A STREETLAMP ON SHEFFIELD AVENUE. All my songs. Cassettes $8.00, postpaid, CD $15.00.

"One of our country's best songwriters" - Judy Collins, Singer / Songwriter